Building Management System Trainer

House Commercial Wiring Installation Trainer (Model: XPO-HIT)

The Trainer should haveAluminum profile sturdy Modular flat panel (table top) system, carrying varioushigh voltage components housed in plastic enclosures (panel) to minimise shockpossibility

Antitheft Trainer (Model: XPO-AT)

Salient Features :
Aluminum profile rack (5x4) sturdy flat demo panel (table top) system carrying various components housed in plastic enclosures (panels) to minimize shock possibility in top two rows. The bottom t
wo rows hold a wooden door with different sensors mounted on it.

Fire Alarm Trainer (Model: XPO-FAT)

Salient Features :
•2-Zones conventional fire alarm control panel.
•Has built in standby batteries to demonstrate working of FAT system in case of mains supply failure.
•Facilitate hands on training through use of 4mm patch cords by constructing FAT circuits using various fire detectors.
•Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and colorful screw less overlays showing circuit diagram & its connection tag nos . for easy understanding& connections.
•Provides real time simulations and activation of the fire alarm control system.

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