Basic Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Basic Electrical & Electronic Engineering:

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Analog Digital Trainer Equipment (Model: XPO-Anadigi)

Salient Features:

• Aesthetically designed injection moulded electronic desk. Master Unit Carrying useful experiment resources Variable Power supplies/ Status / Pulsar/ Function Generator, DPMs etc. while the central slot will hold various replaceable experiment panels.
• Connection through Sturdy 4mm Banana Sockets & Patch Cords.
• Hands on learning by constructing circuits using built in power bread board panel as well as Optionally using Discrete component panel.
• Set of Users Guide provided with each Unit.

Electrical & Electronic System Trainer (Model: XPO-CT)

Salient Features:

•Virtual lab is a list of executable animation programs based on various experiment panels, based on various experiment panels based on Labview  (Ver. 8.5 onward) supplied on CD with CD Key.  Machine requirements –P4 /XP/WIN 7/ WIN 8 etc.
•Each CD based virtual lab contains approx. 25 + screens/ expts.
•Can be used in offline mode with any model while online mode using parallel port or USB port (USB I/O Module optional) with PC interface
•Provision for file save, print with individual students name. Help topic on main screen of each experiment.
•Stepwise procedure for performing experiments with  experiment set up showing circuit diagram using virtual instruments like CRO, function generator, Power supply, toggle switches, LEDs, DMM etc.

Computer Assisted Trainer Equipment (Model: XPO-CAT)

Salient Features:

•Aesthetically designed injection moulded electronic desk (Master unit) with common experiment resources like Power supplies, Function Generator, switches,  indicators,  DPM  etc. while the slot will carry replaceable expt. Panels  4 mm sockets in a arranged on a grid of 19 x19mm to receive plug in components.
•Optionally computer assisted Training through use of Lab view® based executables supported by variety of virtual instrumentation like toggle switches, leds etc.
•Emphasis on troubleshooting skills through fault switches.
•Replaceable panel connects to computer I/F on master unit through 64 pin (Euro connector)
•Set of Users Guide provided with each Unit

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