Computer Hardware Laboratory

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Computer Hardware Trainer Equipment (Model: XPO-PCHT)
Salient Features:

•Aestheticallydesigned injection moulded electronic desk (Master unit) with common experimentresources like Power supplies, Function Generator, switches,  indicators, DPM  etc. while the slot willcarry replaceable expt. Panels  4 mmsockets in a arranged on a grid of 19 x19mm to receive plug in components.
•Optionallycomputer assisted Training through use of Lab view® based executables supportedby variety of virtual instrumentation like toggle switches, leds etc.
•Emphasison troubleshooting skills through fault switches.
•Replaceablepanel connects to computer I/F on master unit through 64 pin (Euro connector)
•Set of Users Guide provided with each Unit

Wireless Technology Trainer

salient features:

• Trainer offers comprehensive experiment set up explaining Bluetooth & Zigbee Protocols.  
• Either may buy shared set up with replaceable NICs or independent setup of nodes for each technology.  However NICs could be replaced in one setup to experiment with other.
•Table top setup made using light but sturdy Aluminum profile (4X2) Rack.
•Lab PC with serial/USB port required for network monitoring or to work as user, PC not in scope of supply.
•Set of Users Guides provided with each unit.

Printer Trainer (Model: XPO-PST)

Item Code: XPO-PST
  • Various components of the printer are made accessible to the students by spreading out on a cuboid demo rack made from aluminum profiles.
  • Non-destructive simulated faults have been implemented through slider switches located on Fault Panel to teach section wise faults & their troubleshooting.
  • When not in use Printer trainer may be used as a USB port based regular Lab printer / scanner machine.
  • Set of Instructor Guide and Student workbook provided with each unit .

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