Electronics & Electrical Work Bench (Model: XPO-Work Bench

Item Code: XPO-WB

Table is made from 3 disassemlable sub assemblies

a) Bottom stand Pi type structure with table top, drawers etc.

b) Hind rectangular box, also called as switch box, to hold 1f & 3f power sources etc. c) Optional top side rectangular box mounted on top of Hind or switch box to house various instruments like CRO, FG, & power suppliers etc. ng facilitates screwless coupling.

Trunnion mounted DC Integrated machine is used as Dynamometer for loading other machines (Motors / generators both); unlike magnetic powder brake or eddy current brake which can load only coupled Motors and not generators, with facility to measure shaft power using electronic torque / speed measurement

Language Laboratory System (Model: XPO-Smart Talk)

Salient Feature

•Useful for learning to speak effectively in English.

•Multimedia approach lets the teacher use a variety of audio and visual program resources to stimulate students interest and  motivate them  during learning.

•Selection of different  speaking techniques, accents and study methods.

•The teacher can monitor each student or group of students very closely by listening recorded sound with graphical presentation(FFT or TFT ) enabler with facility like ZOOM /ZOOM OUT , listen selected  buffer , observe peak and trough  on his PC .

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