Power Electronics :

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Power Electronics

The Power Electronics Equipment we give to our clients for training purposes are of top quality to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Our products are appreciated for long serviceability exhibiting perfect engineering and longer life. These products are designed for long durability with compact design so that the product looks evenly completed and can be easily installed.

Microprocessor /Microcontroller Trainer (Model: XPO-KIT)

salient features:

• Ergonomically injection molded Plastic enclosure.
• Use of standard PC 101/PS2 Keyboard for programming.
• Emphasis on Hardware troubleshooting through on board short links.
• Exhaustive Didactic Courseware.
• Critical & delicate ICs are protected under acrylic cover from below.
• All in one Logical IO® Monitor design Supports both serial IO & Keyboard display console IO

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