Power Electronics :

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Power Electronics

The Power Electronics Equipment we give to our clients for training purposes are of top quality to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Our products are appreciated for long serviceability exhibiting perfect engineering and longer life. These products are designed for long durability with compact design so that the product looks evenly completed and can be easily installed.

Power Electronics Trainer Equipment (Model: XPO-PE)

Salient Features:

•Aesthetically designed injection molded electronic desk.
•Master unit carrying useful experiment resources like line Synchronized firing circuits, Power supplies, lamp load, RLC loads, Battery Charging supply etc. while the central slot will hold replaceable experiment panels.  
•Each multi experiment panel  is secured in an ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and has colorful screw less   overlay showing circuit & Connection through Sturdy 4mm Banana Sockets & Patch Chords.
•Set of User Guide provided with each unit.

3 Phase HV Thyristor Control Trainer (Model: XPO-HVDC)

Salient Features:

•Facilitates easy and safe wiring by students due to use of 4mm sturdy Shrouded banana patch cords and shrouded socket arrange-ments for high voltage circuits
•Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and colorful screwless overlays showing circuits diagrams & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connection  4. Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook
•Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook.
•Supplied with power scope attachment  to any lab CRO for H V Differential voltage off- ground measurements.

UPS Trainer Equipment (Model: XPO-UPS)

Salient Features:

•Input range is 170-270V A.C./50Hz.
•Output (Input present) 195-250V sine.
•Output (Input unhealthy / absent) 230 V + 5% Quasi-sine.
•Capacity 200W lamp load on AVR.
•Battery 12V / 7Ah, 'Panasonic' (Maintence free lead acid)
•Bkup of 5 mins on 200W lamp load or 20 min.on one PC with colour monitor (14”). [PC is not in scope of supply]
•17 test points are provided.

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