Renewable Energy Trainer

Solar Technology Trainer (Model: XPO-STT)

Salient Features :
•Table top aluminum profile modular flat demo panel rack with tiltable lockable frame 0-90° in steps  to  mount various types of SPV modules.  u  Employs 500W  halogen lamps as variable intensity sun simulator.
•Renewable energy basics, energy conservation, charge controller, storage system, alternating current & inverter    
•Optional single phase Grid tied inverter to demonstrate power export using bidirectional multifunction meter. 
•Temperature control using peltier module to study temperature effect.   u  Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook.
•Facilitates understanding of underlying physics by measuring carrier life time & spectral response of a solar cell.
•Panels St1 and St2 above deals  with physics of solar cell and their calibration

Wind Energy Trainer (XPO-WET)

Salient Features

• Table top  wind tunnel  with side/ top covers having transparent viewing window & protection cage to facilitate identification of components of windmill.  
• 3 phase motor with axial fan  blades as blower to simulate variable wind. 
• VFD to control speed of motor/ blower with continuously variable speed to  set wind speed.                                                                   
• Renewable energy basics, energy conservation, charge controller, storage system  & invertor etc.  
• Converting kinetic wind energy into electrical energy in laboratory using BLDC generator.
• 500mm cuboid using  aluminium profile, 2  such racks connected each other to form wind tunnel containing wind blower and wind turbine.
• Pitching and yawing provision provided. Wind turbine mounted on Pillar with  bearing to facilitate yawing.
• Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook.                                                      

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