Testing Measurement Equipment

Regulated Power Supply (Model: XPO-RPS)

Salient Features :

•Sturdy construction

•Poly Carbonate Membrane Panel

•Unlimited Short circuit protection with full current out

•Enable to connect very low load resistance

•Floated output allows SERIES & PARALLEL combination

•Simultaneously reading of Voltage & Current for both Channels

•Power out “ON/ OFF

•Very low ripple and noise

Decade Boxes

Salient Feature: 
Description : 1 ohm W to 1.111,11 M ohm  Steps : 1 ohm, Dials : 6
• Independent Range Selection ("A" Series)
• Direct read-out
• Output on Safety sockets
• Moulded side covers with embossed Handle
• Rear side printed membrane panel
• Compact Design
• Tolerance +2%

Dual Trace Analog Oscilloscope (Model: XPO-AN10XB)

Salient Feature :

• Bandwidth: New & Updated 3 models:- 20/25/30MHz. 

• 10 times sweep magnification. 

• TV Synchronization, X-Y mode. 

• Japanese electronic encoder, light, handy and reliable. 

• Fully sealed durable vertical mode switch. 

• ALT Triggering Function, simultaneous observation of two independent signals. 

Function Generator 1M/2M/3M (Model: XPO-FG1M/FG2M/FG3M)

Salient Feature:

FREQUENCYFrequency range : 0.01Hz to 1MHz, 0.02Hz to 2MHz, 0.03Hz to 3MHz,

Range selection : 7 Step switch withseparate fine control.

Wave forms : Sine, Square, Triangle,TTL

FrequencyDisplay : 4 Digit 7 segment Display

AmplitudeDisplay : Yes

Micro-Controller Based Function Generator (Model: FG10M)


  • Function selection using micro controller based programming
  • Wide Frequency range: From 0.03 Hz to 10 Mhz
  • Bright 4 digit LED display for freq. and amplitude with range. Optionally Internal / External frequency counter may be provided
  • Easy selection of frequency range with touch panel keyboard with separate fine control
  • Versatile waveforms option: Sine, Triangle Square, Ramp, optional Facilitates Of AM Balanced Am ( standard), FM, ASk, FSK, Pulse, TTl, PWM etc
  • DC offset control variable with offset enable
  • 50 outputs with step attenuator of maximum 20 dB / 40dB Variable to Odb
  • Useful For testing and measurement in the laboratory and on the field
  • Designed to provide good quality signal while mainlining easy operability

Function Generator - 20 MHz (Model: XPO-FG-20M)

Salient Features :

•Wide Frequency range :  From 0.1 Hz to 20MHz. 
•Bright 4 digit LED display for freq.  and amplitude with range.(Optionally Internal / External frequency counter may be provided.)
•Easy selection of frequency range with touch panel keyboard with separate fine control.
•Versatile waveforms options: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, Optional Facilitaties of AM Balanced, AM (standard), FM, ASK, FSK, Pulse, TTL, PWM etc.
•DC offset control variable with offset enable.
•50W  outputs with step attenuator of maximum 20dB/40dB/Variable to 80dB.
•Useful for testing and measurement in the laboratory and on the field.
•Designed to provide good quality signal while maintaining easy operability.

RF Signal Generator (Model: RF6/RF6uC )

Salient Features:

  • Wide frequency range : 10-600MHz
  • Internal/external modulation (AM/FM)
  • Fine control over Frequency / Amplitude range
  • Bright 41/2 digit LED
  • Useful for testing and measurement in RF laboratory

Logic Analyzer (Model: LA-45)

Salient Feature: 

•PC based Logic Analyzer enclosed in sleek handheld moulded enclousure.
•45 channels arranged in 9 x 5 groups with colour coding.
•Wide range of sampling clock selection using internal  & external clock sources.
•16x 2 LCD display for menu selection & 4 status LED for modes of operation.
•Menu selection using Toggle Switch & Push Button.
•Mnemonic based Disassembly Support for 8051/8085/8086 using processor personality module (Optional).
•Interpreted protocols : I2C,USART,SPI, RS485.

Frequency Counter (Model: XPO-FC 50M/FC2G)

Salient Feature

● 2Hz to 2GHz.

● Built-in STOPWATCH to measure duration..

● 8 digit 0.5" bright red display with accuracy of + 1 count + stable crystal controlled time base Accuracy + X1000 LED for GHz

● Selectable attenuator of X0.1 (High voltage, low frequency)/ X1/ X10/ X50 (low amplitude, high frequency). 

● Two separate inputs with sensitivities of 300 mVpp and 50 mVpp min., RF I/P.

● Input impedance of 1Mohm.

PC Based Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Max. Sample Rate :Real - Time sampling 48 MSa/Channels : 2 ChannelsBandwidth : 20MHz [-3dB]Vertical Resolution :8 Bits/channelGain Range :20mV ~ 5V/div @ x1 probe(20mV, 50mV, 100mV, 200mV, 500mV,1V, 2V, 5V/div1,2,5 sequence200mV ~ 50V/div @ x10 probe, 2V ~ 500V/div @ x100 probe, 20V ~ 5KV/div @ x1000 probeTimebase Range : 1s/div ~ 5000s/div(1ns,2ns,5ns,10ns,20ns,50ns, 100ns,200ns,500ns ,1us,2us, 5us,10us,20us,50us, 100us,200us,500us, 1ms,2ms, 5ms, 10ms, 20ms,50ms, 100ms,200ms,500ms,1s,2s, 5s,10s,20s,50s, 100s, 200s, 500s,1000s, 2000s,5000s/div 1 -2-5 sequence

Color Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Item Code: XPO-DSO-UQ300C-CA-CML

We have in stock for our customers a wide range of Color Digital Storage Oscilloscope which are manufactured using high-grade raw material and advanced technology to ensure their adherence with international standards and norms. Moreover, they are tested on various parameters before the final delivery in order to offer tested range to our clients. Clients can avail them in affordable prices with on time deliveries.


  • 500MSa/s/1GSa/s/2GSa/s Sampling Rate
  • 2 Channels/4 Channels
  • 5.7 in LCD Color Display
  • USB Host/Device: Support USB Printer and USB Flash Drive
  • Pict Bridge Function
  • Easy scope Software
  • 12 Languages

Logic Analyzer –LA-45

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