VLSI Embedded System Trainer

VLSI Embedded Trainer

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Internet of Things Trainer (Model: XPO-IOT)

Salient Features
• Under guidance from Prof. IGTUW, Delhi.
• The kit is based on open source hardware, software & development tools to provide solutions by integrating application development with
open-source OS (Linux and Android) to prototype the project ideas and experiments.
• I2C, SPI, I2S etc. interfaces available to access sensors and application boards.
• Choice of communication ports Ethernet/RJ-45 and WiFi available to communicate with PC or a campus network.
• SD/ MicroSD card interface provided.
• Aesthetically engineered Plastic molded 2 enclosure design to protect & preserve small footprint SBC in 1st and Communication Mux
Board in 2nd enclosure.
• Supported with Student Workbook and Instruction Guide


 Trainer offers comprehensive experiment set up explaining Bluetooth & Zigbee
 Either may buy shared set up with replaceable NICs or independent setup of
nodes for each technology. However NICs could be replaced in one setup to
experiment with other.
Table top setup made using light but sturdy Aluminum profile (4X2) Rack.
 Lab PC with serial/USB port required for network monitoring or to work as user,
PC not in scope of supply.
 Set of Users Guides provided with each unit.


Technical Specs. : Following onboard resources & application on modules are offered for experimentation however not
every resource can be used fully with particular ECU due to paucity of its IO capacity

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