VLSI Embedded System Trainer

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VLSI Embedded System Trainer (Model: XPO-EST)

• Aesthetically designed Injection moulded Plastic enclosure.
• XPO series of VLSI / Embedded trainers VIZ; CPLD, FPGA, ARM7, 89C51Rd2, PIC16F,PIC18F,AVR, etc.
• Supports use of 5V tolerant ICs (FPGA etc.) obviating need of special precautions by students.
• Set of Users Guide provided with each unit with emphasis on C Programming as well as assembly language programming.
• In circuit system programming (ICSP) supported through PC ports of COM/LPT (JTAG).
• Can interface to application boards of XPO series microprocessor trainers saving customer investment.
• I2C, SPI bus interface. Optionally Breadboard

Wireless Technology Trainer (Model: XPO-WLT)

• Trainer offers comprehensive experiment set up explaining Bluetooth & Zigbee Protocols.
• Either may buy shared set up with replaceable NICs or independent setup of nodes for each technology. However NICs could be replaced in one setup to experiment with other.
•Table top setup made using light but sturdy Aluminum profile (4X2) Rack.
•Lab PC with serial/USB port required for network monitoring or to work as user, PC not in scope of supply.
•Set of Users Guides provided with each unit.

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